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A person may want to meet the opposite sex at any age. Perhaps you even want to meet a girl from another country. Or perhaps you have some special preference.

Online dating is very easy. You can chat with dozens of potential couples in a day without any of the discomfort associated with real-life dating. Online dating has many advantages, but it still has disadvantages that you may encounter if you choose the wrong site. Let’s take a closer look at one of the online platforms. We’re going to talk about TenderMeets. So, you are currently reading one of TenderMeets reviews. Let’s start.

What is Tender Meets?

TenderMeets.Com is one of the hundreds dating sites out there. It differs from others in that it is designed for novice users. If you have little experience with dating websites, this is a good option. There is no unique match-making system – everything is very simple, just like on Facebook or a similar social network. You can write to anyone and chat with someone you like.

Another distinctive feature is the huge number of filters. You can sort the girls like on the main search page or you can search for your girlfriend on a specialized page with a heading. There are 40 categories, including USA Dating, Italian ladies, Local chat, Divorced, Vegetarian dating and so on.

Tendermeets categories

Concept: 4.5 stars

How Does TenderMeet Work?

Tender MeetThe site combines the features of a social network and a matchmaking application. You can choose whichever suits you best. The user interface is simple, even for beginners.

At the time of registration, you are not asked a lot of data about themselves, respectively, the girls fill out the same simple registration form. Of course, you can add pictures and write about yourself in more detail, but a lot of information is not required. That’s why you won’t be able to learn much about a girl. Good or bad – it is up to you.

Tender Meet can’t be called free dating website. This is a paid service and you have to pay to use it. The price is not great. More details on pricing and features will be below.

The big disadvantage of TenderMeet is the lack of free features or even a trial period. You can discover girl’s pages, but you can only write to five girls until you buy a paid account. Five messages are very few. You have to be lucky to strike up a dialogue with five tries. If a girl texts you first, you will receive a notification, but you still can’t read it without an upgraded account.

Let’s continue with the pros and cons. What other advantages and disadvantages does TenderMeet have?


  • A huge number of filters by interests to find the perfect match
  • Supports different nationalities and LGBT  +
  • Simple registration
  • Comfortable modern design


  • There are some fakes
  • There is no mobile application, there is only a mobile adaptation of the site
  • Strict refund policy (more on that later)

First impression: 3.8 stars

TenderMeets App

You cannot download TenderMeets on Android or iPhone. In 2020, abandoning the app is a big blunder for the platform for several reasons. First, it is not possible to receive notifications quickly in order to quickly reply to a message. Secondly, many find applications more user-friendly.

To compensate for this, the platform has created a mobile version of the site, and it’s really nice and user-friendly. Site pages are well-connected. The design is clear and convenient. There is no problem with that.

It is difficult to give one grade for this point. On the one hand, there is nothing to evaluate. On the other hand, the mobile version can be regarded as a kind of application. So let’s have an average rating.

App: 3 stars

How to Sign Up?

First of all, you must create your first account on the site. It’s easier than most similar platforms. There are four questions to answer:

  • Your gender and gender of your future partner (for example, M looking for a F);
  • Your age (of course, registration is only available from 18 years old);
  • Your e-mail;
  • Password for the site.

Then you need to go through verification via email. This is a standard procedure. This is necessary to reduce the number of fakes and fraudsters who create many accounts.

After that, you may check out all the profiles. There are two modes. You can view girls in order and rate them on a “hot or not” basis, just like on Tinder. Or you can view the full list of available users and send messages to the girls you like. But do not forget that you can only write to five girls before purchasing an updated account.

The site could get a maximum rating of 5 stars for easy registration, but there is one drawback. There is no way to register with Facebook or Google. This could simplify the process.

TenderMeets registration

Signing up: 4 stars Pricing

TenderMeets ReviewTender Meets provides several payment options, from three days (trial) to 6 months. If you buy a long-term premium, you save a certain amount of money (each individual day will cost you less. Sometimes the site does discounts. If you are planning to buy a plan for 3 months or 6 months, it may be worth waiting for the discount period.

  • 3 Days: from $3,50 to $5 total;
  • 1 Month: from $26 to $35 per month;
  • 3 Months: from $15 to $20 per month;
  • 6 Months: from $12 to $16 per month.

The most popular option is 1 month, but this is a slightly optimistic. If you don’t think you are a man of a girl’s dream, take 3 months to increase your chances and save some money.

There are no different tariff plans here, for example Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and so on. There are only two options: Free (limited) and Premium (unlimited). What functions are available to us?

In the free version, you can edit your profile, search and view other people, and write messages to five girls. Some of the blocks in the profiles will be unseen, and you aren’t going to be allowed to send pictures and videos – only text.

In the paid version, you can write to any number of girls without restrictions on the message format (including photos and videos). You can also view full profile information and use advanced search that is not available to free users.

Is $35 per Month Cheap or Not?

TenderMeetsThis site cannot be considered expensive and cannot be considered cheap. Compared to the competition, this is a reasonable price.

You can even say that this is below average, because here for this amount you get completely unlimited access, and on the sites of competitors you will receive only a part of the paid functions for this money. For example, Gold instead of Platinum. Also, there are companies that take money not per month but per message or minutes in chat, which is much more expensive.

Compared to other things, it’s still cheap. The site allows you to meet several girls within a month for the price of one or two dates in a coffee shop.

Price: 4,5 stars

Payment Methods

Today accepts payment only by credit card. Services like PayPal are not yet available. Cryptocurrencies are also not allowed for payment. The payment currency does not matter – the money from your card will be converted into dollars in any case. Your card is suitable if it is Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or Diners Club International Card.

To confirm the payment, you must enter your card number, owner name, expiry date and security code on the back. Then you will most likely receive an SMS with a confirmation code on your phone. It depends on your bank and its security conditions.

Moneyback Guarantees

Buy a trial period for three days and think twice before buying a premium account because getting your dollars back is going to be challenging. In case you are dissatisfied with the service and want to cancel your premium subscription before the expiration date, you will need to confirm that you interacted with at least 5 users, were registered on the site for at least three months and visited the site at least three times a week… Tender Meets consider this is the minimum effort you should make to meet successfully. If you hadn’t done so, the company believes that you weren’t able to find a desirable match due to your own fault.

What if you fit all the criteria? In this case, you must write a request for a refund to technical support or call. Email and phone number you can find on the official website in the contacts section.

Payment methods and guarantees: 3 stars


One of the most important things is who uses specific site. Are there many or few users? Are there more males or females? This plays a huge role, and this data is available.

Few new users were added for November and December 2020. Less than eHarmony or Ashley Madison, which are not top sites either. As for the activity of old users, the situation is much better here. Users spend a lot of time on the site and visit it many times. This means that the community loves the platform.

Tendermeets nationalities

To date, the site has 1,600,000 registered users from the USA. The average monthly growth of users is about 260,000 (but remember that only a small part of them spent at least a month on the site). The percentage of girls on the site is 34%, which is pretty good, because sometimes the percentage of women is 25, 20 percent or even less. Most of the users live in the United States, as well as in Western Europe.

What about age distribution? These are mostly adults, but not very old people. The largest age group of girls is from 25 to 34. Then there are 18-24 and 35-44 (almost the same number). Girls 45+ make up less than 10% of users. Not bad.

Sometimes there are scammers on the site. This is not a drawback of TenderMeets, just the reality of all dating sites. Be careful not to share personal information with strangers or click on suspicious links.

Community: 4,2 stars


To be honest, the site’s not perfect, but not terrible. There is a good community here, user-friendly design, and prices are not very high. It is most important. There are problems that spoil the impression. For example, there is no free trial and no mobile application, no loyal refund system. You just have to take note of this.

Conclusion: 4 stars


Is Tendermeets Legit?

Yes, of course this site is completely legit. There are no special restrictions for such resources, apart from the age limit of 18+ years.

Is Registration at TenderMeets Free?

Yes, it is free, but having an account is not enough to meet someone. You should disburse anyway, otherwise your profile won’t be effective.

Is It Possible to Return My Money?

Sure, you may do this subject to a number of conditions. These conditions were described above in the previous block of this article.

How to Block Someone on TenderMeets?

You can do this in the same way as on any social network. Go to the user’s page and block it. You can also report a user if he or she violated the rules (in the case of spam, fraud, etc).

Can I Remove My Tender Meets Account?

You must check out the settings section and click on the Remove account button. It will not be permanently deleted, but it will not be viewable any longer.

Now you know everything about tendermeet. You have read even more than you could read on the official website. Explore a few more reviews, choose the dating service you liked the most, and get started. Good luck!

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