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SEXY GIRLS is widely known and internationally recognized and it is one of the leaders in the online dating industry. However, that’s not the sudden popularity which came all of a sudden. It’s the long work of Match developers since 1995. It was started to assist lonely souls to pick up each other, communicate, and even meet in real life not only for a pleasant evening or night but also for a long-standing relationship. According to experts, is in charge of more than 100 000 married couples and more than 1 million born babies! That’s the world known love factory as it works in more than 25 countries. So, is it really that flawless?

Why To Choose Match?

Indeed, from the first point of view Match seems absolutely spotless. Check up the real state of affairs.


  • Elementary registration process and easy profile settings, which allows you to use without previous preparation.
  •  Diversity by all means. You can choose not only by appearance, sexual preferences, age, etc. You can come across your love on the other side of the globe!
  •  Seek tools instead of algorithms based on the registration questionnaire. Big amount of people really appreciate this feature, because there is no choice illusion, you choose your partner for real.
  •  Email Read Notification – the tool which would perfectly suit messengers. It shows what time your partner read the massage.
  •  App for Android and IOS gives it one more convenience point.
  •  Search parameters are extremely adjustable.
  • is a community that wants to love not just an online dating service.
  • Free interest showing.
  • Half-year guarantee.


  • Chatting available only for those who have bought a subscription.
  • Too delicate anti-fraud system. Some users complained that their accounts were blocked for suspicious content.
  • Too big choice of users (over 3 000 000 logins per day). The process of scrolling is quite time-consuming.
  • Unpaid subscribers couldn’t see your messages.

So, is believed to be one of the most convenient dating sites/apps due to its big amount of functions, wide audience nice bonuses. However, people still argue on the high subscription prices and the ability to chat only for paid users.

Overview of Match

Developers claim that both Match app and its browser version are extremely easy at usage. Let’s look at the main aspects closer.

Membership prices has a big choice of paid features, which form the first glance that could confuse its users. However, it should be noted that the system of bonuses and subscription programs is very thought out. There’re three membership programs – free membership, standard account, and premium membership.

Standard account
1 month$44.99/month$44.99
3 months$12,99/month$98.97
6 months$9.99/month$59.94
12 months$7.99/month$95.88


Premium membership
1 month$44.99/month$44.99
3 months$14,99/month$44.97
6 months$11.49/month$68.94
12 months$8.99/month$107.88

Free membership:

  • Create a personal profile;
  • Visibility for users;
  •  Post maximum to 26 photos;
  •  Like users;
  •  Hunt for and collect matches.

Standard account:

  • All the above-mentioned functions;
  •  Send e-mails to users with paid membership;
  • Respond on e-mails;
  •  See users who gave you alike;
  •  Right of way entrée on Match Events;
  • Free members’ removal.

Premium membership:

  • Free + Standard functions;
  • E-mail Read Notification function – to be aware of massage reading time;
  •  Profile study once a year – Match experts’ feedback on your profile to higher the popularity.
  •  Boost every month;
  • Discounts on Match Events.

Besides, some paid features aren’t counted in the cost of memberships.
Highlighted Account ($6.65/month) – a function that gives highlight for your profile and initial photo to make it more prominent for other users. It also increases attention to your account for more than 60%.
First Impressions ($6.65/month) tool adds your profile on the first round of matches for users in your area.
Private Mode ($9.99/month) hides your profile from unwanted users. This function isn’t available for all locations.
E-mail Read Notification ($2.99/month) mode is also open for standard membership, though paid separately.

Sign-Up Process

A sign-up course on requires minimum information. There are 6 simple steps – a common thing for all alike dating resources. It won’t take more than 3 minutes!

  1.  Choose the gender of your potential lover.Match pic 1
  2. Choose your gender.Match pic 2
  3. Enter your birth date.Match pic 3
  4. Enter your destination.Match pic 4
  5. Introduce yourself.Match pic 5
  6. Enter your valid e-mail.Match pic 6
  7. Make up a password.Match pic 7
  8. Answer one more question.Match pic 8


After that easy steps, you’ll be redirected to your profile settings. Here you’ll be able to choose your profile photos and other parameters such as height, weight, relationship, and some preferences.
There is also the “About me” section that aims to tell up to 100 words about your personality. Developers suggest introducing yourself with valid information. Apropos, they advise about your profile photos. Use only modern photos without nudity. The photo is in charge of the first impression. That’s why you should be extremely picky about it.

Notice that there isn’t an e-mail conformation and you could start your love journey right after registration.
All profiles and pictures displayed on the site should be verified by administrators of Until this test is finished, your profile isn’t visible to other users. After a successful check, everything happens easily: your profile with photos appears on the catalog, and followers begin to view your profile, send you messages, invite you to meetings, and chat with you online. As was said earlier, Match has quite a sensitive bot detector, that’s why don’t ignore the necessity to fill out all the fields in the questionnaire. Followers without photos will be marked as fake.

Payment method

There two possible ways to repay for subscription: Credit Card or PayPal.

Money back

There is no money back option on, but there is a special guarantee which is longer than in other hookup sites. You will be given 6 months for free if you’ll get no match after 6months subscription.

Key Features

The majority of special features on require paid membership. However, more than 70% of subscribers claim that Match services worth its price.

The most popular feature. It allows you to higher your chances to find a match. 1 Boost credit will put you on the top.

1 Credit $0.99/credit
5 Credit $0.80/credit
10 Credit $0.60/credit

This paid feature for standard and premium subscribers. You will like those who are pretty from your point of view. The algorithm in its turn will search alike variants.

Reverse Matches
Some users call it the “naughty list”. Those are users who won’t match you as they don’t meet your requirements. However, for subscribers this list is available and you may try to chat with a person from it to confirm or deny the statement that opposites attract.

Highlight profile
This is another beloved paid feature according to many reviews. Users like it very much because they’ll appear in other people’s match list securely.

Voice Calls
A voice may be a problem when started your relationship on the Internet. Meet a person online without knowing his/her voice is kind of creepy. solved this issue with voice calls paid mode.

Safety cares about safety a lot. It’s not only 100% legal site and will secure personal data. It will also protect your life while rendezvous with your partner. This unique feature aims to make comfortable and safe your first date. To protect yourself you should enter 3 emergency numbers. Right before your date, they will get an e-mail with information about your partner and place of your meeting. While the date itself you will need to confirm that everything is fine. If you feel unsafe your emergency contacts will obtain SOS massage.

Conclusion could be named as the most popular and secures dating resource. There’re a lot of useful functions. It aims achieve you a real match, however, it doesn’t limit the inability to choose. The site is perfect for people who decided to broaden their communication circle together with those who decided to have a long term relationship. Those users who came just looking for hookups won’t be upset. You regulate the match list by yourself. Though, many people admit that fees are sharp and necessary functions are presented only with a paid subscription.


Can I cancel my Match subscription anytime?

Go to your Account settings to call off your subscription.

Is Match’s premium membership automatically renewed?

Yes. The period and charge will be the same.

Does Match offer refunds for unused time?

There isn’t compensation on, although there’s a 6 months warranty program.

Can I search through Match without signing up for an account?

Yes. But won’t give up to remind you to sing up!

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